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Dvory nad Žitavou

Dvory nad Žitavou

Where it is

Dvory nad Žitavou is located in Western Slovakia in the District of Nové Zámky. It is 8 km from the district town. The municipality has six thousand inhabitants that mostly earn their living from agriculture. For more information on the municipality see www.dvory.sk.


Leisure time activities


  • There are a couple of gravel pits where you can swim or fish,
  • The municipality has a few recreational grounds (tennis courts, football pitch with artificial grass, indoor swimming pool, sauna, gym)
  • Bike hire
  • Internet
  • 15 km from the municipality is the village of Podhájská with a well known thermal swimming pool.
  • There are a couple of bars and restaurants you can visit.


Sports club

Snack bar Konvoj

Reštaurácia U grófa

Penzión Žitava www.penzionzitava.sk

Rýchle občerstvenie u Brošího

Mocca cafe