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Picking fruit

Picking fruit

We are now looking for seasonal workers for harvests starting at the end of June and finishing at the beginning of November.

Please read the following because it is important for finding work in our Cooperative. If you do not understand anything, please, do not hesitate to contact us. We are glad to answer any inquiries you might have.

After reading the following you can fill out the application form by clicking on the bottom of this page.


Picking works in the OVD


  • An opportunity to work in the countryside, meet interesting people and make some money.
  • Assisted by responsible technicians, overseers and management
  • The harvesting method is set with clear specifications to be followed when harvesting a certain type of fruit (harvesting based on colour, size etc.)
  • When picking fruit in baskets that can weigh up to 20 kg , carefully empty them into big quantity containers so they are not damaged (blemishes on apples etc.)
  • Working with ladders in order to reach the fruit if they cannot be reached from the ground (mostly cherries, sour cherries and plums)
  • Moving the 10 kg wooden ladder around the tree and from one tree to another.
  • Observing safety in work and regulations of the safety and hygiene standards etc.


Health and safety in the workplace

We take the safety of our employees and seasonal workers very seriously. Therefore, we require them to observe our regulations that are printed in two copies and distributed among them.


Clothes that are a must for a fruit picker


  • Long sleeve shirt, long trousers, a hat or a baseball cap protecting the head from sunburn.
  • Solid shoes: sandals and slippers are prohibited in the orchard.


Drugs and alcohol

Drug and alcohol consumption is strictly forbidden in the whole area. If the head of shift suspects an employee or a seasonal worker of being under the influence of alcohol or drugs, he/she can instantly terminate his/her contract. Alcohol may be consumed in a limited quantity at the accommodation facility but its consumption is strictly forbidden at work.


Notification of injuries and illnesses


If you are looking for a job you must disclose:


  • Any existing illnesses or injuries you are aware of
  • Any condition that could prevent you from working in the orchard.


Remuneration conditions

The salary depends on the worker and his/her fruit picking skills. Payment is once a month on the 15 th day of the following calendar month, either via transfer to the bank account of the worker or directly in the Cooperative. If you leave before the payment day, your salary will be given to you on the same day as to seasonal workers, i.e. on the salary payment date.


Working hours

Working hours are from 7 a .m. to 15.30 p.m. from Monday to Friday, many times also including Saturdays and Sundays in the main harvesting season. The main harvesting season begins in mid August with peaches and later with winter varieties of apples, for which we need seasonal workers the most (about 100-120 workers). Usually we finish harvesting at the beginning of November.


Not everyone will be offered a job

The position is offered based on the suitability of the applicant for the work and based on our requirements, due by a large number of applicants.


A future in our Company


Seasonal work also provides an opportunity to obtain permanent employment in our company, since we are interested in hiring hard working individuals.


Legal conditions

Before signing the contract the seasonal worker needs to report himself/herself to the respective institutions (Social insurance company, health insurance company). Thus we request you to fill out the data on the expected start and end of your seasonal work in the form below.



If you agree with the listed conditions and you are interested in applying for picking works, please fill in the following blank.



Application for seasonal work:
City code :
Cell phone number:
Land line number:
Date of birth:

Have you worked as a fruit picker before?
(If so, tell us what you picked? When and where did you do this work? How long did you work there?)

Are you currently employed? yes no
What company do you currently work for?
The city where you work/study now?
What type of work do you do?
How long have you been working with your employer?
Tick which type of accommodation you are interested in:



Hostel in OVD SKK 50 / night


Camping place in OVD SKK 20 / night



I will arrange my own accommodation

Approximately how many weeks do you want to work in our company?
What date would you like to start employment/seasonal work?
Your comments or questions?
Let us know why you have chosen this type of work:

Please read the following declaration carefully.


I have carefully read the information on the www.ovddvory.sk web page and I am fully aware of the requirements of this type of work. I understand and will follow all internal guidelines and company rules, safety at work, hygiene rules and the rules banning alcohol and drug consumption in the OVD-Fruit Cooperative workplace.

I hereby acknowledge and declare ( tick as appropriate ):


No, I do not suffer from any existing illness or injury that might prevent me from working in the orchard.


Yes, I suffer from the following illnesses or injuries:



>> Download application for seasonal work here <<